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The Return of the Router

After taking several years to cultivate not just a company but a community, more so, a family of creatives with his multimedia network, Darkside Industries.Vie, formally Alvie is now ready to step out of his HQ office and be back "OUTSIDE"and back behind the mic.

Enjoy WHERE YOU BEEN while you're here!

The part of the team is what really brings Vie into his element of being the router of this family he created along his journey.Within these collages above and below the text, made by DEV (@donebydev) we see the different people who are part of the dark side team and how Vie has been a constant source for his people. Above we see Darryl who is songwriter and artist himself alongside Vie. Another artist who may not come up as a surprise is Feauxseven also referred to as 47, who is a recording artist and producer whose creative home also resides at Darkside. As for Yessi, aka, Jessica, who taps in to design and photography here at Darkside.

The new redesign of Where You Been has been reinvented onto a visual CD, by DEV. The concept is to rework the physicality of visuals to show how versatile and timeless Vie's song has been, ever since it has dropped!

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