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Bea Malaya 

For the past 5 years Bea has been professionally gigging under the stage name "Bea Di Vinci" as a performing artist, speaker, & workshop facilitator, while also running a small business selling portrait paintings. Our team at Darkside Industries also owns a multimedia studio based in Rahway NJ for all kinds of creatives, where she serves as the Business Strategist, Co-studio owner & a Music Producer. 
Not only that but Bea currently serves as Event Coordinator at Finessed Media, a NYC-based company delivering music business education through digital content & weekly virtual events. She's personally hosted panels on topics like NFTs, Artist Marketing, & Production/Engineering, fostering dialogue with professionals from top companies like Universal, Warner, & Sony. Helping her team to  organize the world’s first ever Metaverse Music & Tech Summit in Decentraland, featuring 30 leading innovators who shared their insights with over 1500 global attendees.  And even with all these endeavors Miss Malaya has plans to grow her creative portfolio with production credits and lets not forget music of her very own.   

Business Strategist / Producer / Recording Artist 


Podcast Interview featuring Bea Malaya

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Portrait - Bea Di Vinci
Florence Tremblay

Portrait - Bea Di Vinci

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